How to Make Money Using Golf Mulligan Cards

Selling mulligan cards is an easy and inexpensive way to make money for your charity golf tournament. Many organizers of golf tournaments are aware that these ‘do overs’ can make them some easy cash, but they still have questions about exactly how they can use special mulligan cards to make them more money. So, let’s discover some great ways to make money with very little effort using your golf mulligan cards.

1. The format of your tournament will dictate how many mulligans you allow and where your participants are able to use them.  Each situation is unique.  Some tournaments are more serious than others. But, if you change your focus from fund-raising to making your tournament more fun and creative, the funds will follow.

Using Mulligan cards instead of plain boring raffle tickets adds to the fun and creativity of your tournament and grabs the attention of your players.

Many golf tournaments allow the use of a mulligan on each of nine holes when playing golf.  By doing this you are able to generate cash by selling each participant two of these ‘take another shot’ cards.

Example1: If you have 100 participants and sell each person 2 cards at $5 each 200 X $5 generates $1000 for your charity.

Example 2: Up the price and double your revenue       200 x $10 puts $2000 in your coffers.

Example 3. If your function only allows two ‘do overs’ per person, then you can usually charge more money for them. I know of some golf tournaments that charge $20 per mulligan ticket in this case.                    200 x $ 20= $ 4000 towards you cause.

2. Now, if your tournament format allows for the use of more ‘replays’ than just one per side, you have a chance to generate more cash accordingly.  Just copy and print more Mulligan golf tickets. Then sell twice as many.

Example 1:  If you have the same 100 participants, but allow 4 each—two per nine holes, charging just $5 each       400 cards x $5 = $2000

Example 2: If you charge 4 for $15, you could generate 100 x $15= $1500 for your cause.

Example 3:  $20 each or 4 for $50     100 people spending $50= $5000

Of course, raising the price will make more money using this easy and inexpensive method. Most participants coming to your tournament are there to help raise money for that charity.  They expect to spend money to benefit the charity, but they also want value for their money.

3. Use the attractive and colorful mulligan cards for raffle tickets.  The uniqueness of your raffle tickets gets your players’ attention and sparks more interest.

Example 1: Sell them in conjunction with the regular ‘free shots’–offer the cards for $5 each, or $20 for 5.  Specify that they can use two of them on the course for ‘do overs’ when playing and three are to be used towards the raffle prizes.   100 people spending $20 makes you $2000

Example 2: Or, sell one specific type of mulligan card just as raffle tickets– $1 each or 6 for $5      Another $5 from each of 100 players generates another $500.

4. Generate extra revenue from contests and games of skill. There are many different contests that you can include in your golf outing–from putting contests and chipping contests, closest to the pin, long drives, accuracy contests, to crazy just for fun contests.  Your imagination opens up a wealth of opportunities for entertainment and involvement.

The cost of these contests could be over and above the original registration fee or some of them could be included . Whichever way you work it, there is still an opportunity to generate more revenue by selling mulligans for some of these extra contests. The more you allow, the more chance you have to make money.

Another reason to include these fun contests is that it can get everyone involved in the fun and games that your tournament offers.  Even those who are not golf orientated can spend their money trying a putting contest.  Contests tap into the resources of the people who are ordinarily observers.

Example 1: The entrance to the putting contest is $10, then give them a chance to buy one mulligan for another $5.

Example 2:  Offer three different contests to anyone: Cost $20, with an opportunity to buy one replay shot for each contest at $5 each. A potential of another $35 per participant.

5. Your one of a kind mulligan cards offer an opportunity to be souvenirs for your golf tournament.

Using the hilarious cards, with fun pictures and graphics, instead of an ordinary plain ticket, opens up an opportunity to add uniqueness to your charity tournament.

Plus, if you customize your cards with your special logo and the date of your tournament, it gives you an opportunity to make these ‘second chance’ cards singular to your tournament and that specific year.

Many golfers will want to add these special Mulligan cards to their memory files of your successful and fun tournament.

Robert Shicotte of KIA Scholarships can attest to that: “Had it not been for these cards, we would not have sold as many as we did. Several golfers requested the Mulligan cards after the tournament.  They even paid the $10 fee.”

So, you can see that with very little effort, you have several outstanding ways to easily raise money for your charity golf tournament. Selling mulligans, offering raffle tickets, getting people involved in contests, and using Mulligan Cards as souvenirs, are a few of the  potential ways for you to capitalize using your Mulligan golf cards.

Wishing you fun and success for your charity!

Penny Howe

Next, discover five more great ways to use mulligan golf cards to raise money.   Also, grab your free fun mulligan golf cards to use at your charity golf tournament.

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