Five More Ways To Make Money Using Golf Mulligan Cards

Golf Mulligan cards are unique and fun golf cards that give you a chance to add pizzazz and flare to your golf tournament. Not only are they entertaining and hilarious, but you can use them to make money for your charity. Check out these five ways to capitalize using your colorful Mulligan Cards.

1. Sell advertising on your mulligan cards. Approach sponsors to pay to have their information displayed on the back of all the cards that you are going to print.

Now, if you end up printing and distributing on the low end, two mulligan cards per participant.  With 100 participants, that is 200 times that your sponsor’s name is being circulated around your tournament. If you allow more mulligans per person, more cards will be circulated and therefore, more advertising will occur for your sponsor.

You could charge 150 to 500 dollars for this privilege.
This is a perfect place to earn more money for your fund raising golf tournament.

2. Another strategy to generate additional income is to have committee members selling emergency mulligans on the back nine or sooner, not just at registration.

Some players are going to want more as they have used up the ones they already bought. Or maybe they are playing worse than they anticipated and need a little extra help. This will allow you the opportunity to create more golf tournament revenue depending on your fun games and the number of mulligans allowed in your tournament.

3. Add to the excitement and raise money by selling a package of 8 mulligan cards. Each card would be good for a second chance to fix a specific bad shot.

Mulligan Golf Card Packet Example
*Do over drive
*Free reputt
*Get out of sand free
*Redo ball in the water dunk
*Reload for the par three
*Second chance at your second shot.
*Behind a tree free drop
*Crazy card–for any wayward shot–need to use so I don’t go crazy

Charge $25 or $30 for these 8 chances at using a mulligan. Make it so they can only use one mulligan ticket on a hole and once they have used one it can not be used again.

Whichever mulligan cards they do not use, they can write their names on and use them in the raffles, door prizes, or have a special surprise drawing just for these packet mulligan tickets.

4. Use Theme Mulligan Cards—If your charity golf tournament is in a certain month, you have the opportunity to use mulligan cards with the theme from that specific month.
For instance:
a) February, you might use a heart or valentine’s theme
b) March a St. Patrick’s theme
c) October a Halloween theme

Many tournaments have a special theme of their own and this also gives you a chance to make your Mulligan Cards geared to your specific theme. Whether it is animals, kids, cancer, or sports–theme cards personalize the cause for your participants and make them more involved. As they purchase your mulligan theme cards, they connect more with the cause of your charity and open up their wallets.

5. Add money to the coffers of your favorite charity by marketing products based on the Mulligan Golf Excuse Cards.

a) Do this by using the excuses and graphics on other products. They look great on caps, golf shirts, t-shirts, aprons, underwear, and cups, only to name a few. Sell these products as gift ideas, momentums, or use them in your silent auction.
b) Make and sell gag gifts for golfers using the Mulligan cards.
c) Laminate the mulligan cards and make keychains or bookmarks. These can be sold or used in your goodie bags.

Well, I hope this has given you some useful ideas on how to generate some cash at your charity golf tournament.

Capitializing on sponsors, selling emergency mulligans, adding a unique and fun mulligan golf packet, gearing up your cards with a theme, and marketing special mulligan products, are only a few of the great ways to use Mulligan golf cards to add pizzazz and flare and create some extra revenue for your charity.

Wishing you a golf tournament that is fun and successful!

Penny Howe

Next, five more great ways to use your mulligan golf cards to raise money.  Also, grab your free fun mulligan golf cards to use at your charity golf tournament.

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