Free Halloween Mulligan Golf Cards

free halloween‘Scare’ up some Mulligans using these fun free Mulligan Golf Cards. Instead of just using Mulligan cards that announce ‘Take a Mulligan’, add a few Halloween pictures, ‘re vamp’ your way of saying ‘get a second chance’, and…


You have created unique, one of a kind Mulligan golf cards based on the Halloween theme!

Click on the photos or links below for instant download. There is no optin–they are yours to use and have fun with. Enjoy and pass them on!

free halloween cardSometimes you can find yourself in some tough predicaments on the golf course. A normal reaction is to wonder how the heck you are going to get out.

Well, I found this great picture of a skull with worms coming out of it and I just had to make a special mulligan card with it. Instead of just saying ‘take a mulligan’ replace it with ‘worm your way out of this one with a mulligan’!  As a golfer, I am sure you can relate.

You can download this fun Halloween golf mulligan ticket and the one below for free in a pdf file. Just click on either of the photos or click here: Free Halloween Mulligan Golf Cards

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halloween golf cards for freeHere is your second free Mulligan Golf ticket with a Halloween Theme. If you are like me and most golfers, then you have wacked and hacked at a few golf balls now and again!
This picture and ‘take another wack at it’ are a perfect combination for a wild and wacky way of saying ‘do it over’!

Click on either of the photos above or click on the link below to immediately download the pdf file: Free Halloween Mulligan Cards

Put some pizzazz on the Mulligan golf tickets you want to use at your charity golf tournaments and games, liven up those company tournaments, and add more fun to family golf outings.

Use Mulligan Golf cards to make golf keychains, make bookmarks for your favorite golfers, and/or spruce up a golf gift by attaching these creative Mulligan golf tickets as the card.

Whatever the reason, here is wishing you lower scores, a smile on your face, and a fun time on the golf course!

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Penny(MulliganMumma)  free halloween

Stop and Note! Feel free to pass on the link for these free Halloween golf cards. Also, if you are going to just click on the card photos above and save them, I suggest you stop right now. It is to your advantage to download the free pdf file. The free Mulligan golf cards in that file are bigger, clearer, and easier to copy and use. (Each individual Mulligan Card in approximately 2″X3.5″)

Don’t have the latest version of the adobe reader so you can view PDF files. Use this link to download it for free : Adobe Reader

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